150 Minutes of Hell

The inside story of death and survival as the Carr Fire's tornado of flames stormed Redding — and changed firefighting in a warming California.  (Producer/Editor/Photographer/Videographer)

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Class of 2020

The Chronicle photo staff turns its cameras on seven Bay Area high school seniors navigating a path to graduation and beyond. The team started the project in the fall and continued through winterspring and summer to document the teens as they prepare to step into the future. 


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The Fisherman's Secret

A fisherman, a flash of gold and a really big secret. This unbelievable tale tells the story of California fisherman Giuseppe "Joe" Pennisi's discovery at the bottom of Monterey Bay. 

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The Show Must Go On

How a California ballet rose from the ashes of the Camp Fire.

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24 Hours in Homelessness

On June 18, 36 Chronicle journalists spread across the city to document a typical 24-hour period in this epidemic, witnessing an unrelenting cycle of striving and suffering, of some people finding their footing and others falling through.

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Rising Reality

A look at the difficulties facing communities bracing for climate change all along San Francisco Bay. (Producer/Lead Visual Editor)

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The Evidence Burns Away

As California’s wildfire crisis exploded, the state assigned 30 officers to follow a suspected arsonist and blend into his community. Could they thwart disaster?

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The Miracle Cell

Stem cells are seen as the keys to solving medicine’s most impossible puzzles, with the potential to heal the incurable, repair the unfixable, perhaps even stall the effects of aging. In 2004, Californians bet $3 billion on stem cell research in a first-of-its-kind bond measure. In this in-depth series, The Chronicle examines what’s become of that investment, and tells the stories of the patients, scientists and profit-seekers all banking on this miracle cell.
(Editor, Photographer, Videographer)

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