Photo by John Beale

    I am a storyteller who believes in immersing the viewer in the lives of my subjects. We respond to what we feel more than what we are told, and it's that conviction that drives my work.

    As a visual journalist and editor, I’ve documented 9/11, climate change, COVID-19, presidential elections, social justice issues, and countless moments shape the lives of everyday people. 

    I have also used my extensive experience to help my peers become more effective. My team at the San Francisco Chronicle has been honored with 13 Emmy Awards and 30 nominations since I accepted the position four years ago. I am also frequently invited to speak to college classes and volunteer for workshops where I can help to guide the next generation of visual journalists. 

    As a dedicated, empathetic, passionate journalist who understands the craft of storytelling, I believe my skills would be an excellent fit for your team. Thank you for visiting my website, and please let me know how I can best help meet — and exceed — your needs.